Best Mattress for Back Pain to Get Pain Relief

The best mattress for back pain relief is one that will allow you to sleep comfortably and not strain any part of the back. Sleep is a pleasure as well as needed for every living person. Our body is unable to function normally without a good night sleep and the role of sleep for our health is priceless. A good night’s sleep improves productivity and memory, boosts the immune system and regenerates our cells. Good sleep protects from stress and encourages creativity, plus there are the benefits of beauty and longevity. So get some good sleep on the right mattress!

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Back Pain

What happens when you have pain in the spine and neck? According to statistics, about 60% of adults have neck pain, and about 80% of adults have back pain at least once in their lifetime. Back pain is the second most common reason that patients visit their doctors. Observing the human anatomy, back and neck pain are functionally connected. As a matter of fact, pain from the neck often “radiates” in the back and vice versa.

To get pain relief for your back, you need to use the appropriate mattress and find the best mattress. However, how do you choose the mattress that best fits your needs? How do you get rid of the back and neck pain? There are several types of mattresses to choose from that can help:

Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide

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How to Select the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Spring Mattresses

Spring Mattresses are long lasting, affordable, and provide optimal support for each body type. This is the oldest type of mattress and is very popular throughout the world. Generally, if there are multiple wires in the mattress, the mattress is less flexible. Unfortunately, the spring mattresses lose elasticity after a certain amount of time. These types of mattresses start to pinch your back and you wake up with pain. When the mattress no longer offers support for your back, it’s time to buy a new mattress. So, buy carefully. The Spring Mattress is not the best mattress for back pain.

Memory Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses have the following characteristics: flexibility, softness and anti-allergenic features. This kind of mattress reduces pressure on the backbone and your body weight is distributed in the best way. They are ideally adapted to the shape of the body and many people find them to be their best mattress for back pain. The disadvantages are that the foam isn’t a natural material and these mattresses last less than mattresses with springs.

When you buy this type of mattress, consider the following question: Are you able to turn around easily? If the answer is no then it means that the mattress is too soft for you. The second question: Is the lower part of your spine well supported? The mattress must follow the natural contours of your back. If you feel an empty space under your back, it means that the mattress is too hard for you. In both cases, the mattress isn’t good for you because it can cause neck and back pain or aggravate existing pain. So, test out the mattress to decide if it is the best mattress for your back pain.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses have a number of benefits for your spine and neck, as well as for your general health. Some qualities of this type of mattress are:

  • Latex supports your body properly.
  • Latex provides optimum comfort.
  • Latex is a natural material and is incredibly long lasting.
  • Latex mattresses provide adequate support to the spine.

This kind of mattress supports the backbone in the correct manner and relieves the current problems with your back and neck. It also prevents future troubles, too. The Latex Mattress can be the best mattress for back pain.

Gel Mattress

Primarily, the gel mattress was developed for hospital purposes, because this mattress is extremely flexible, sterile, elastic and is able to absorb the pressure in a good way. This material relieves back pain better than latex or foam mattresses. This is the best mattress for back pain and is recommended by experts and users who suffer from back and neck pain. Whether you have minor or major troubles with your back, shoulders and neck, gel mattresses are a great option for you. A gel mattress is usually combined with a springs or memory foam and you might find this combination to be the best mattress for your back pain.

Night Therapy Elite 13 Inch MyGel Prestige Memory Foam Mattress & BiFold Box Spring Set

Night Therapy Elite 13 MyGel Prestige Memory Foam Mattress

This Night Therapy Elite mattress not only cares about your needs for comfort, but also protects your health. Sleeping on the best mattress for back pain that provides proper body positioning is the basis of preserving health and avoiding pain in your spine and neck. This mattress provides you with all this at an affordable price.


We are all familiar with the benefits of memory foam when it comes to sleeping comfort. The Night Therapy Elite brings innovations in memory mattress design that makes it the best mattress for back pain for many people. It has open cell memory foam with a huge number of gel beads that allow for better air flow. This gives a sense of freshness and also provides good support for the body.

  • It has MyGel Prestige memory foam infused with refreshing gel to allow for coolness and relaxation.
  • Equipped with a pressure relief system to ensure proper body positioning during sleep.
  • You will wake up refreshed and satisfied, without a pain in your neck and back.
  • Bi-Fold Box Spring foundation made from heavy metal that satisfies the need for firmness and stability, as well as for comfort and good design.
  • Thanks to its comfort, this mattress will help you to get rid of long-term insomnia.
  • In addition to functionality, this mattress is decorated beautifully.
  • The Velveteen insert gives a sophisticated look, while decorative patterns help your sheets to be kept in place.


Although there are many benefits of this mattress, it is sometimes criticized for its firmness. There are also customer comments about a specific smell after unpacking, but the smell does disappear after a few days.

Best Mattress for Back Pain Recommendation on the Night Therapy Elite Mattress

When sleeping comfort is the most important factor for your successful start of the day, this mattress will be the right choice for you.

Tuft & Needle Bed Handcrafted Mattress


We are all aware of the importance of good sleep for overall health.  We need to be able to function properly during the day. We can get those things when we understand the importance of choosing the best mattress for back pain. Good sleep means that you wake up refreshed, without a pain in your neck and back. It means that the mattress should not be too soft or too hard. It should support the body in a proper position and allow all of the muscles to relax. It is also very important that the mattress has a good price, in addition to functional benefits. If you want a comfortable and well-made ​​mattress at an affordable price, this is the right choice for you.


  • The mattress is 5 inches thick and provides good support for the body during sleep.
  • The biggest advantage of this mattress is its three layers of premium foam, which provide a healthy and comfortable sleep.
  • The cover is soft and durable cotton which is a natural material. Therefore, it provides a healthy and comfortable sleep.
  • The foam is chemical-free and completely safe for health. This foam is flame retardant and is CertiPUR safe foam.
  • Free shipping and five years warranty are provided.
  • This mattress is very comfortable and at the same time, very light and easy to move around.
  • It can be very easily stored as needed.
  • The packaging is pretty small, so you can store it in its original packaging as a portable bed for guests.


There are almost no flaws with this mattress.

The mattress can be used directly on the floor. But since it is very light, it can accidentally move off the frame. So, you should use it on a bed frame that can hold the sides.

Another disadvantage is that this mattress cannot be placed on top of a box spring, because it is very thin. A box spring can make the mattress surface uneven.

Best Mattress for Back Pain Recommendation on the Tuft & Needle Bed Handcrafted Mattress

Most users are very satisfied with the purchase of this mattress. Maybe it’s time for you to have this unique experience.


Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress

Good sleep is essential for a good start of the day and a good mattress is a precondition for good sleep. Do you have trouble sleeping? Do you often wake up during the night? In the morning, do you suffer from back pain and neck stiffness? If so, it is time to buy this mattress. You’re probably thinking that you cannot find a mattress that will accomplish everyday needs such as: comfortable sleep, maintaining adequate body temperature and has an anti-allergic effect. If so, you’re wrong. The Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress can fill all of your needs and be the best mattress for back pain.


What makes it the best mattress for back pain? Sleeping on this mattress will bring you a number of advantages:

  • It is extremely comfortable, thanks to a thickness of 12 inches.
  • Comfort and support to the body is provided by a two layer design of memory foam in the mattress featuring revolutionary SureTemp open cell memory foam.
  • Its pressure relief system contributes to the comfort of sleep and also allows the correct position of the spine.
  • Top layer is made of breathable SureTemp memory foam which allows better air flow and cooler sleep. This is 2.5-inch comfort layer. The feeling of freshness is guaranteed.
  • Bottom layer is made of responsive support foam which allows superior comfort and support for your body during sleep. This is a 9.5-inch support layer.
  • You can forget about the problem of allergies. Memory foam is dust mite and allergen resistant.
  • Compact shipping is provided by vacuum packing.
  • Luxurious poly-cotton blend cover provides a feeling of softness and comfort during sleep.
  • One of the most important features is that it provides medium soft to medium firm feel. So this fabulous mattress fits everyone’s needs.
  • The mattress is 12-inches high, 80-inches long and 60-inches wide.
  • Product has 20-year limited warranty which is ideal.


Regardless of the numerous benefits that buying of this mattress can bring, there are some disadvantages, according to customer’s reviews. The largest number of complaints point to excessive firmness of the mattress. Also, some users complain that after a short period of time the mattress sags. So, after some time of use you get the feeling that you are lying directly on the bottom, firmer layer of the mattress. So, for some people, this is not the best mattress for back pain.

Best Mattress for Back Pain Recommendation on the Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp Memory Foam Mattress

It pays to buy this mattress. When you consider all the benefits of this modern-designed mattresses and its 20-year warranty, you realize that you have nothing to lose. It is probably the best mattress for back pain. The benefits of comfortable sleep and proper body position are numerous, and after sleeping on this mattress you’ll wake up with a sense of freshness and be in a good mood.

Lucid by Linenspa 2 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

 Lucid by Linenspa 2 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress TopperYou’ve always wanted to sleep on a comfortable mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard. If it’s made ​​of memory foam and provides a comfortable temperature while you are sleeping then it is the best choice.

If you do not have enough money to buy the best mattress for back pain, or at least a new mattress, then a mattress topper will be of great help. You can buy a topper in the situation where you want to save money and at the same time refresh your existing mattress.


This mattress topper offers excellent comfort during sleep, thanks to 2-inch premium memory foam which is a revolutionary material in the production of modern mattresses. Benefits of memory foam are well known to everybody, but it’s not superfluous to mention that memory foam provides the ultimate comfort and best body position during sleep. For many, it is the affordable solution to finding the best mattress for back pain.

  • 3-year warranty gives confidence in the quality of this useful product. This warranty provides at least 3 years of good sleep on a bed that will not change shape or function.
  • Thanks to its open cell technology, characteristics and firmness of topper are preserved for a long time.
  • One of the main advantages of this mattress topper is that in contrast to other similar products, it prevents sweating and makes it possible to feel cool during the night. Ventilated memory form provides better air flow and maintains a good body temperature.
  • After sleeping you will feel rested and refreshed like you’ve slept on the best mattress for back pain.
  • Problems with allergies will become history. Lucid’s memory foam is antimicrobial and resistant to bacteria, mold, dust mites and allergens.
  • Creators of this great mattress topper have gone a step further in the field of design. It is made 1 inch shorter on all four sides than the standard size mattress. This feature allows the topper to correspond to the standard sizes of sheets.


There are very few disadvantages to the mattress topper, but there is a specific odor for some time after unpacking. In order to get rid of the smell, let it air out for several days and that will solve the problem.

Best Mattress for Back Pain Recommendation on the Lucid by Linenspa 2 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

You will get a lot for a little money. This is an extremely cost-effective product, because you will not have to purchase a brand new mattress, you can get rid of back pain and neck pain with adding a mattress topper. It’s never been easier to provide sleeping comfort.

Sleeping Tips When You Have Back Pain or Neck Pain

There are many reasons for back and neck pain such as inadequate positions when sitting, lack of physical activity, extra weight and so on. Sleep quality depends upon many factors and one of them is selecting the best mattress for back pain.

Experts have concluded that a high price on a mattress doesn’t necessarily guarantee a better quality. A good mattress should be tough enough to provide support for the back, neck and legs, but at the same time it should be soft enough for your comfort.

Experts say that you need to devote some time buying a new mattress and testing different types of mattresses for sleeping. Before you purchase a new mattress, test it by lying on it for about 20 minutes.

The best mattress for back pain must be chosen individually according to personal needs. The mattress must be anatomic and orthopedic, which means that it provides support for your body, exactly in those places where it is needed the most while the mattress adjusts to the contours of the body.

You can put latoflex bed slats underneath to support the mattress and this will eliminate any unnecessary pressure on the body during sleep allowing you to wake up reborn!

It’s very simple, your muscles need to relax during the night. Sleeping in proper sleep positions to prevent back and neck pain is a must. Depending on your favorite sleeping position, you could use a soft or a firm mattress. What kind of sleeper are you? If you are a side sleeper – opt for a slightly softer mattress. Stomach sleepers should use a medium firm mattress. If you are a back sleeper then opt for a medium firmness mattress that is comfortable for you.

According to research that was done on the largest number of patients who suffer from back pain, we can conclude – medium is the best all-around choice. However, we are all different. If you have a chronic or acute back and neck problem, consult with an expert and don’t hesitate to ask for help.

By the way, as important as the best mattress for back pain is for your back problems, care needs to be taken in your selection of pillows also. Check out our pillow review article: About Best Pillows for Neck and Back Problems.

Overall Best Mattress for Back Pain

If you have a budget problem, the latex mattress and the memory foam mattress will unburden your back nicely for a little less money. Do take advantage of testing mattresses inside the store and don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations for the best mattress for back pain and for your health.